Why Do Lizards Do Push-Ups?

Do you want to conclude why lizard is doing some of the things they do?

Like, Lizards can detach their tails.

Some lizards can detach their tails if they are caught by a predator.

This helps them to get away quickly.

When this happens, it’s called autotomy.

Why do lizards do push-ups?

Lizards do push-ups for a reason, mainly for males, they show strength and an opportunity to get attention when courting a lady lizard.

Males will risk exposure to predators to attract a mate by changing the color of their skin.

Some lizards will do particular movements to showcase their colors as much as possible, especially during courtship.

Why do Lizards do Push-Ups?

Sometimes it is hard to get someone else’s attention.

And while some lizards might turn different colors to communicate and indicate interest, others have worked out a different way to grab attention.

Lizards have decided an up and down motion very much like our human push-ups are a great way to get someone to look at them.

There are a few reasons lizards will decide a push-up is just the eye-catching thing they need to do.

Mating Rituals

Males and females of some species develop orange coloring to show their breeding conditions.

It shows that females are full of eggs. Some male lizards grab on to the head of a female with their mouth until she is ready to let him mate with her

Researchers have found these push-ups are one-way males will show their strength, especially for the ladies they hope to pursue.

Many male lizards include the push-up as part of their mating ritual to show the female how strong they are.

With some lizards, like the western fence lizard, The western fence lizard is a common lizard of Arizona, New Mexico, California, Idaho, Oregon,  Washington, Northern Mexico, and the surrounding area.

As the ventral abdomen of an adult is characteristically blue, it is also known as the blue belly. It is also referred to as blue bellies, doing push-ups allows a male to flash their blue-colored stomachs to the females to impress her.

Males are usually an iridescent shade of bright blue. This bold coloration helps them to attract mates. Females, on the other hand, have much more subdued plumage. 

Think about a male peacock showing all their brightly colored feathers to get the female’s attention, and apply it to the western fence lizard.

Getting a lady lizard’s attention is very important for the males during mating season, and push-ups give some males just the edge they need.

Get Out Of My Territory

In many lizard species, males engage in territorial combat and therefore have noticeably bigger, bulkier heads (and bodies) than females.

They use these for biting and wrestling each other, and the encounters can actually become pretty blood

Push-ups aren’t just used by male lizards to get the female lizards, but also to challenge rivals for territory.

Defending territory is one of the main reasons why lizards move up and down.

This is another show of strength for the lizard, but its meaning is a bit different.

Lizards are often very territorial creatures, strongly disliking when any other species enter their territory.

Often they are solitary creatures, only getting together with another member of their species when it is time to mate.

The up and down motion of a push-up, quickly lifting their whole body up and down, is a challenge to other lizards, especially when one lizard gets too close to another.

The male shows another male how he is extremely tough and ready for a fight if necessary. 

Pet Lizards

A lizard can be a great pet, but they need proper care, special lighting, and special foods, such as mealworms.

Small lizards can make good pets if you do your research and are prepared for the responsibility that comes with these unique pets.

The scenarios presented in the above examples highlight how wild lizards act and why they do push-ups, but pet lizards aren’t different.

The reasons wild lizards make the up and down motion of a push-up is basically the same as why your pet is doing them.

You might happen to walk by when the animal naturally wants to perform.

These animals are known for putting on displays even if they aren’t sure another lizard is in the area to watch.

The hope is there even if they aren’t sure another lizard is.

In some cases, you might startle the lizard, and it could mistake you as a challenger.

Even if they don’t feel threatened, some believe your lizard wants you to know; they know you’re there.

Do Both Female And Male Lizards Do Push Ups?

The feminine part of the lizard is known as Saurus. Also, the male lizard is larger in size as compared to the female one.

We’ve talked about why lizards bounce up and down, but does it apply to both genders?

It is much more likely to see a male lizard doing push-ups because they are much more into making a scene.

Males are commonly more aggressive and will use displays like push-ups more frequently, but this doesn’t mean females never do push-ups.

They are also not as aggressive, but sometimes they will get in fights with other female lizards.


The lizards do “pushups” or “head bobbing” as a display of strength.

This may have two functions – one is to intimidate an intruder and the other is to attract members of the opposite s*x.

The fact is when these lizards are kept in captivity in zoos they might start doing these “pushups” when it feels the visitors are intruding on its space.

Seeing your lizard do push-ups, especially for the first time, is going to make you stop and stare, and probably even laugh a little.

This display serves to get attention, and in some ways, if you stop and stare, it is working.

Whether it is for mating or getting another away from their territory, the push-up motion serves as an often effective way to get attention and catch another lizard’s or your eye.

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